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Coby King

Volunteers can have a meaningful impact on campaigns and the communities they serve. 


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Helping Hands

All donations are appreciated and accepted no matter how small or big. 


Community Involvement


Coby is a connector! He engages with residents, local schools, neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses to further the vision of the city. He understands the value of building relationships and creates an environment of understanding by pursuing open dialogue for everyone! 

Smart Growth Development 


Coby has a common-sense approach to development that promotes positive economic development for existing and future businesses while balancing and meeting the needs of residents. He understands the city's history and the importance of preserving a sense of the natural environment. Coby creates mutual trust and accountability that will ensure the community is engaged and all development benefits residents of Oakland Park.

Public Safety 


Coby believes in creating robust communication between first responders and the community. He understands the importance of direct engagement with residents and businesses to develop and implement problem-solving to stop crime. This kind of dialogue creates ongoing awareness of the needs and concerns to create a safer community!